Wednesday 11 November 2015

Proof Of Tech Working Notes

- Decided on topic (Quad IK Leg)

- Opened my rig and tred messing around with the IK tools

-Built a working leg but does not wok at all after i bind the skin.

-Went on Digital Tutors and youtube to find IK tutorials

-Found 3 possible usable tutorials

-Just found out my rig skeleton needs to be redone, the reason i was having issues was my joint orientation and position.

-Edin recommended i look at more anatomy pictures to help me correct joint location

-After redoing the skeleton the IK leg seems to be working.

-Something still seemed a bit off so i grabbed a Quad rig from online and compared it to my own, turns out i need to create 3 IK chains down the leg to give me more control over the ankle and foot.

-I also noticed under the example quad rigs leg controller it had attributes that could control the knee/foot, i will have to look into adding that later.

- for some reason im still not having the same kind of control as the example rig and i cant get the toe to bend properly.

-After doing some research online and a few form posts i figured out i needed to add a Null joint to the end of the foot and add a 4th IK chain

-So after adding the Null joint the foot seems to be working for the bend and the knee.

-Now that the bend is working im going to try and parent a controller in.

-After spending 20 min on messing up parenting i now have a control on the foot.

-Never mind the control is scaling weird with the base node.

- well i feel dumb, the reason it had scaling issues was because i dident freeze controls and delete history.

-After fixing that the control on the leg is working and i Finally have a bending leg (that needs alot of weight paint)

-Going back to the idea of the attributes im going to now look online and see what information i can find. i currently know how to add and connect attributes but not how they will act with the leg ik.

-After about 2 min i found a perfect tutorial on how to set this up. the part i was missing was i needed to set up the IK chains in groups and connect the attributes to the leg controller in the rotate X axis.

-After a bit of messing around with the connection editor i now have working attributes connect to the foot controller. i think i may almost be finished this leg set up.

-...nope after re binding the skin i found out the mesh freaks out when the leg bends up to far, i think i might have an idea on how to correct this, if i create a knee controller it might help move the mesh.

- so after i looked online for a bit i found bout to make a knee controller i need to create a poll vector on the IK and Aim constraint it to a locator.

-For some reason my IK chain wont let me add a poll vector.

-After a few quick emails with edin i found out my IK handles are wrong and need to be set to rotate (one small option box i missed)

-So after redoing all my IK legs (again) i can finally connect my poll vector and aim constraint.

-All thats left to do is get the parenting right an i should be good to go.

-So i finally have a working IK quad rig, i can even copy it to each other leg (just have to swap out the IK chain and re connect the attributes.

-After learning how to use the poll vector i though i might be able to do something similar to making moving eyes. in the end all i had to change was the type of constraint to a aim constraint and it works great.

-to make it a bit more user friendly i parented the eye controllers into a single control to move both eyes at the same time.

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