Thursday 18 February 2016

Messengers Tail Update 3

Update 3!

In the last two weeks alot of progress has been made, all final animations have been set in, ncloth has been remodeled and is now working, lighting is almost finished and final renders are going.

i was also lucky enough to get to hear the second pass of the music from nick and was blown away, i hope to have the final cut for him in the next week or so.

Current goals are to finish the polish and revisions on reaming shots and have them rendered out by the end of reading week.

Here is a link to Rough cut 4 (final 2 scenes are not final animations)

and here is scene 3 with renders.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Messengers Tail Update 2

Update 2 2/4/2016

Progress is going good im ahead of schedule by about a week. the base animation for the entire short is in. im currently showing it around to build up critique so when i move into my finals i can have it all done together in one shot.

This Friday im having my second meeting with Nick to start the first pass of the music. i was able to put a rough cut of the shots together with rough timing so i could give him the most possible time to work on his compositions. The first set on music should take around a week-2weeks to complete.

As i am waiting for the music i plan to start on my final passes for each scene. (Also to meet my vertical slice date)

This will include

  • Final Animation polish and revisions 
  • Final Camera work and polish
  • Lighting pass/Effects 
  • Adding any textures (if needed) 
  • Final Set Dressing/Placement 
  • Render (Mental Ray/AO)
  • And final shot approval from Proffs/Peers

Here is a link to rough cut 3