Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Messengers Tail Update 2

Update 2 2/4/2016

Progress is going good im ahead of schedule by about a week. the base animation for the entire short is in. im currently showing it around to build up critique so when i move into my finals i can have it all done together in one shot.

This Friday im having my second meeting with Nick to start the first pass of the music. i was able to put a rough cut of the shots together with rough timing so i could give him the most possible time to work on his compositions. The first set on music should take around a week-2weeks to complete.

As i am waiting for the music i plan to start on my final passes for each scene. (Also to meet my vertical slice date)

This will include

  • Final Animation polish and revisions 
  • Final Camera work and polish
  • Lighting pass/Effects 
  • Adding any textures (if needed) 
  • Final Set Dressing/Placement 
  • Render (Mental Ray/AO)
  • And final shot approval from Proffs/Peers

Here is a link to rough cut 3

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