Thursday 22 October 2015

Inari Shrine Main Gate (Street Corner)

(Hand in link at bottom)

Rather then doing a traditional street corner for this assignment i decided to take a head start on the most detailed environment for my capstone short film. The setting of this environment is the Inri Shrine in Kyoto Japan. to date i can say this was the most difficult modeling experience i have ever had to endure for many reasons. The biggest issue i had to face was because this is a shrine photography is limited at the location so finding proper reference pictures was very difficult.

Here is a look at the final project, i added a quick toon shader over the basic blinn textures to try and give it the Okami type style that i am aiming for. 

During the modeling process majority of the shapes came fairly easy and it wasent until i hit the supports that i ran into issues. Due to the lack of close up pictures i had to zoom into a front view of the shrine gate and try to deconstruct the supports.   

My next steps for this project are to finish the layout of the shrine grounds and to add more details onto the shader to really push the heavy black lines that im looking for 

Here is also a look at at a few screen shots i have taken over the past few weeks 

Hand In link

Here are some final screenshots from the shrine imported into Unreal 4 

Post Mortem 

After completing this project my overall workflow has changed drastically. The method i have been using to build modular assets has not been the most effective and thus wasting a great deal of time. i was forced to re place most assets after i re uved them rather then uv the assets first. Now when im modeling any object i uv before i do final placement. another point i came across is that in rhe case for my short film Maya rendering will be more effective then Unreal 4. So as i move forward i have changed my pipeline to be more stream line and plan to move forward with Maya and its toon shaders for the final renders.