Thursday 21 January 2016

Messengers Tail Update 1

First Update

Before production started on final animations i decided to take my layout files around for critique. After a few days i built up a large amount of revisions that in the end would save me time. These included combing the title shot and charm wall fly in shot together, only having a single shot of Kon taking the charm from behind the wall rather then two and to break up the path shot from one static camera to two moving cameras with a transition in between.

At this current stage i am still considering taking out the path intro shot and the very beginning of the short depending on total length in the end.

I am currently on time to have all animation done by Feb 14-15 and i plan to send off a rough cut of the short to have the first draft of the music done for it.

Here are some links to view the progress


Rough Cut-

Scene One-

Scene Two-

Scene Three - Still in block out

Scene Four -  (Has been Finished will upload new verison)