Monday 9 November 2015

Proof Of Tech Quadruped Rig Part 3 Poll Vector Knee

Proof Of Tech Quadruped Rig Part 3 
Poll Vector Knee

In this final part of the IK leg tutorial we will be looking at creating a knee control using a basic poll vector set up.

the first step is we must create a locator Create>Locator 
make sure you have it visable under Show>Locator
Then you need to position the locator in front off the characters knee 

Next we need to constrain the locator to the IK chain.

Select Locator> Select Top IK Chain> Constrain > Poll Vector 

If done correctly the knee should fallow the locator.

Next we will create a Nurbs Circle to act as our controller 
Center the controller on the locator and freeze transform delete history and name controller. 

You can then parent the locator to the Controller, if done correctly the controller should now control the knee.


For a final step i prefer to parent the knee controller to the foot controller just to keep it organized but that is just my preference. 

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