Monday, 9 November 2015

Proof Of Tech Quadruped Rig Part 1 Aim Constraint Eyes

Proof Of Tech Quadruped Rig Part 1
Aim Constraint Eyes

In this tutorial we will focus on doing a simple quadruped rig with an IK leg set up and Aim Constraint eyes. We will be using the Shu Rig for this lesson which I have provided a link for. To make this tutorial easier to fallow I have also included a basic skeleton for you to fallow along with. Feel free to use your own rig if you have one ready.  

To start open the Maya file Shu_Rig_Lesson.mb

When this files opens make sure you have the X-RAY joints visible (this allows you to see the joints under 
the base mesh)


 Now that the joints are visible we will start with the Aim Constraint Eyes. Make sure you are under your rigging Set in the top left Corner.

First we need to set up some controllers for the eyes. Make sure to set your eye Geo back to zero. We then want to go to our Curves/Surfaces tab and create a circle. (Make sure curves are visible under your show tab) We now want to bring the circle up to her eye (like she is wearing glasses) we will then duplicate the controller (CTRL-D). We now want to name each controller (Left_Eye_CTRL) (Right_Eye_CTRL). Next we want to drag both eye controllers out a bit so they arnt right in front of the face. Make sure to freeze transforms and delete history at this point.

Now to connect the controllers to the joints. We first select the Controller and then the eye joint, with both selected we go to Constrain>Aim. What this does it is makes the joint fallow the controller with its rotate.

Next we want to parent each eye to the matching joint (Make sure to freeze Transform and delete history on the eye Geo). Select the Eye Geo First and then the joint you then hit P to parent the eye to the joint. If you have done this correctly the eye should fallow the controller.

We will now repeat this process for the second eye.

At this point both eyes should be fallowing their controllers

Now depending on the rig you are making you could end at this point. This will allow eyes to go in separate directions (think like a chameleon or fish rig). But for this cartoony fox rig we want the eyes to stay together
To do this we will create another circle curve and have both eye controllers inside.

We will now freeze transforms and delete history of the new curve and name it Eyes_Ctrl

The final step is to parent the eye controllers under the Eyes_CTRL joint. First select both eye controllers then the Eyes_CTRL Curve then hit P to parent.

If you have done everything correctly you should be able to select the Eyes_CTRL and the Eye Geo should fallow

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