Thursday 24 March 2016

Messengers Tail Update 5

Almost Done!!

i can finally see the light at the end of this project, i have been showing my current progress to as many people as possible and collecting critiques and revisions as i go. this did however force me to re render a few of my scenes but made the overall product look better.

After sitting down with Nick we decided on a plan of action for the ending of the short. this game from watching the new Ori and the blind forest trailer. the plan is to have a build up leading to the glowing eyes of the statue and having a quick cut to a small eco of sound as the original melody leads the title text into frame. This can be seen in my Beta 2 cut in the link below.

As for finalizing this project i still need to add in the fixed ending title (fixed the clipping) some small edits on cuts and import the final pass of the music.

I hope to have everything 100% finished for Monday.

Here is a link to my Beta 2 cut

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